Academy Regulations


All fees must be paid for the term at the time of booking classes or on the first lesson. Teachers may refuse to teach
student whose fees have not been paid.

Please note there is a €5 administration fee per student per term

Students responsibilities

Students are asked to respect the building and others by a)not throwing litter, sweet papers etc in the corridor and b)
not wafting on or scraping the walls or causing damage to any of the academy property including instruments.

Cancellation of lessons

If a student cancels a lesson, Cavan academy of music is not obliged to refund or give an alternative lesson. However if a teacher cancels a lesson then the lesson will be made up at a mutual time agreed. * In the event you need to cancel your lesson for whatever reason, please contact your teacher directly to ensure they get the message on time.


Those wishing to do exams will have to pay an exam fee to the examining body on applying.Exam fees will vary
depending on the grade being entered for. Students studying an instrument which needs accompanist eg:violin, cello
and voice will also have to pay for an accompanist-which usually includes one rehearsal and the exam. Your teacher
For will organise this for you. Again the fee will vary according to the grade exam the student is sitting.


There are two terms at The Cavan Academy of Music. From Sept to mid Feb and from mid Feb to June.
Please see our calendar page for full details.


All students at The Cavan Academy of Music are expected to practise. Failure to do so may result in tuition being
cancelled. Students will only be entered for exams when the teacher decides they are ready.


Cavan Academy of Music reserve the right to refuse admission or terminate tuition at any time without prior notice.


Strictly no refunds.