Early Years

Kindergarten Music (3 months – 6 years)

An Opportunity for children to discover the world of music in a fun, relaxed and friendly environment.

Introducing children to the delights of music at a young age ensures they start off on the right note! Exposure to music can help in many areas including the intellectual growth of a young child’s mind and even literacy skills.

These classes take children on a wonderful musical adventure from as young as 3 months, Developing their sense of pitch and rhythm alongside training their inner ear. Basic music concepts such as high/low, loud/soft, fast/slow are introduced through games and activities appropriate to the age and developmental stage of the child. Introducing music in a playful way at an early age develop a love and appreciation for music within the child. These classes are based on the principles of the great Hungarian Composer and music educator Zoltan Kodaly as well as Dalcroze Eurythmics. During these classes the children have an opportunity to explore a range of Percussion instruments.

Mother /Toddler and Baby Kindergarten classes are also provided by Therese in other towns and counties.

Call/text or check out (Facebook page) for more details to find out if there is an Early Years Music Class S near
O you or talk to Therese about setting up a Group near you!

Suzuki Method Violin (4-5 years)

(Group Classes)

The Suzuki method is based on the principle that all children possess ability and that this ability can be developed and
enhanced through a nurturing environment. The Suzuki method has enabled many children to achieve a high musical

An early start (age 4-5 years) is essential for the Suzuki method, therefore the child learns to play before learning to
read. We are now booking for Suzuki method violin lessons.

Beginner Group Violin Classes (5 6 years). This class the children are offered the opportunity to begin reading music through staff notation.

We are currently taking bookings for all violin classes.