Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons

We provide guitar lessons from six years to all levels from beginner to intermediate through to advanced. The lessons
take place at the academy and last between 30 minutes and one hour depending on the student’s needs and stage of
learning. Any student who has previous experience with a guitar will be fully assessed at their first lesson to establish
where they are’ with music literacy, technical ability and general knowledge of the instrument. After this informal
assessment the student will be provided with tuition to suit their specific needs.

Guitar lessons are normally provided on a one to one basis which allows for development at the student’s own pace
within their chosen guitar style. Shared lessons can be arranged it the students are at a similar level of ability within the
same style. All guitar students have the option of taking exams which we encourage as this process sets targets and
goals. There are two different boards through which we enter students, both cater for different styles.

Rockschool Exams: Ronnie the guitar teacher says, “I really like this syllabus, the pieces are graded so the student
progresses naturally.” The Rockschool exams are for electric guitar using plectrum.

We also work with Trinity College London so to cater for students who prefer the classical guitar (also known as the
Spanish guitar) or acoustic guitar. Students are taught through two different methods of reading. Staff notation and
tablature, known better as simply tab. There are two techniques of playing guitar taught at The Cavan Academy of
Music, fingerstyle and plectrum style. A range of styles are also taught including modern classical, Beatles, music for
jazz guitar, bosinova, blues and song accompaniment.

if you thinking of starting guitar lessons and have not as yet purchased an instrument, wait and speak with
music teacher who can give you some good advice on what to look for and what to avoid.

While music theory is optional it is advised that students strongly consider taking this as additional subject to
compliment the instrument being learned. Students will also be fully prepared for any Junior and Leaving Cert Practical

Adult Guitar Lessons

Have you ever wished to play an instrument? Start your own band? Learn your favourite songs? Sing at that party?..or
perhaps you learned guitar child and would like to go back to Now’: chance! Tuition is one you
get to go at your own pace and choose the music that you would like to play.

Contact the Cavan Academy of Music for your next guitar lesson.