Singing Lessons

Singing Lessons (Voice Training)

The voice is an instrument and at Cavan Academy of Music our aim during the course of voice training/singing lessons
is to get the most out of your own unique voice. During lesson, the tutor will work on technique with warm ups
otherwise known as vocal gymnastics.

These warm ups are a little like stretching before going jogging and are an essential part of the class. Breathing is also
worked on as well as vocal exercises which broaden the students range and strengthen the vocal chords.

The repertoire used in the class will be determind by the student’s needs. For example, are they studying for an exam
or are they learning for fun? Students wishing to go forward for exams are fully prepared from elementary level to Grade
VIlI through the The Royal Irish Academy of Music. There are two singing syllabuses with The Royal Irish Academy of
Music focused on classical material while the Theatrical syllabus concentrates on material from the musicals.

While music theory is optional it is advised that students strongly consider taking this as additional subject to
compliment the instrument being learned. Students will also be fully prepared for any Junior and Leaving Cert Practical

Is your child Factor mad? Singing round the house non-stop? Then why not try our NEW Group Singing Classes 6 week course.

Also available New Group Singing/ Drama combined classes 6 week course. Contact the Cavan Academy of Music
next singing lesson.